Everyone is dreaming but a few can make it into reality. I hope this stands in the universal agenda. The rest fades as a daydream. But why? Why only a few? What’s their secret recipe?

Some claim it as luck. I define it as


Yes! Action. Bringing thoughts into action was the ultimate recipe to be followed in bringing dream to reality. I need not be necessarily be huge in order to perceive. With strenuous effort, leaving despondency behind and rational planning can bring a change in the process.

It may not be a cakewalk yet a delicious experience. Giving it a try is better than not trying.

Think every failure as learning and perform actions to make dream a delicacy to be shared along with recipe.


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Science says that reading transforms our life and changes our perspectives. Perhaps if one reads a book the benefit need not be instantaneous. In due course of time the result would be visible.

My grand tour with books began before four years. I could have done it before but I never did thinking it as a ritual done by a grumpy person who did not wan to socialise.

But then this avid reader happened to be my friend introduced me into the sandstorm of words. I would accompany her to book binge for the cup of coffee she would buy for me. An AWE! factor to me at those times was that she can finish trio books in a week. The continuous melodrama done in that reader’s cavern instilled something that so far never failed to indulge me in reading.

        Let’s bump into my tips:

  1. Not every book that we grab will be interesting. Discover your kind of genre and stick to it.
  2. My style of reading is that I would pick a fiction  and a non-fiction at a time. At times I just swap them when one of the books found uninteresting.
  3. Reducing social media usage.
  4. Carrying a book everywhere.
  5. Make it as a goal and attach it to to-do lists.

My current reads are

  1.  Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

  2.  You can win by Shiv khera



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As a mere human being existing in this beautifully carved world, I am always head over heels towards artistic things and stuffs. To tell the truth, It really needs a lot of patience to unleash the right brain potential:creativity.

My creative potential was churned out a few days before because of the shortage of bookmarks given at different book stores. Being a bookworm, an integral part of my reading world is BOOKMARKS! perhaps, it may sound ridiculous.

Racking my brain though not needed for such simple thing, result was some not so good bookmarks by an average artist. Then this ritual of photographing and sharing with my  friend happened. An earth-shattering reply! She gave encouragingly. Beaming with delight, I thought to share them with my readers and so is this post.

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bm 1



Setting goals may be the first step into the marathon of success. But having consistency towards working for such goals is like watering to a plant.

Plant requires water at a particular cycle for its growth and betterment.The same way works in our life.

Just by watering one day does not ensure plant to be healthy. It needs consistent caring for its blooming. Apparently our efforts to achieve goals should also be consistent.

It’s in the game of consistency that the successful ones will win while rest do fouls

I personally lack consistency in whatever things I do. But putting efforts to remain consistent.


Here is the series of qualities needed to be integrated in our life just to be exciting and welcoming.

Therefore I challenged myself to put all these qualities accordingly in their alphabet order. Sharing them with you will inject changes in you, I believe.. This idea popped into me this morning and I found them worth sharing.







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Our world of life revolves around the fear of failure. One who overcomes that fear will achieve something that others do not.

Stepping out and discovering something in you broadens perspectives. It is a negative trait that stunts our personal growth.

Thinking that are they god sent angels to teach us something in the adventurous life, moulds us into bold, versatile and better being.

Failures should be welcomed by strong will and sent off by Huge success.


Being a vocabulary rich person enhances self-confidence. I personally believe in that.

To shatter all the struggles in dealing with language I started to incorporate some of the steps which brought up a huge change. Here I would to share them and I hope you find them useful.



Reading newspapers play a pivotal role in exploring words. We can uncover a wider range of vocab.

Not only reading them will help but also we must highlight or jot the new words for later learning. I don’t feel Books give a miscellany of vocab.

Keep notebook  and dictionary handy.Maintain a journal.


Obviously once noted, engage yourself in active usage of them like playing games, stuffs like blogging, indulging in conversation with friends and many more.

These things take time to come to fruition. As SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE, We can’t see the results over night.

I use a app called UC Dictionary. It is very useful as it provides meanings in two languages at a time. One cool feature in it is every time I unlock my mobile a new word pops up.

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